Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Foundation Skateboards – Souvenir – Full Video!

Well after coming in third this year in Thrasher’s King of the Road the Foundation Skateboards team have been hard at work putting together their latest video offering ‘Souvenir’. Following up on their 2017 offering Oddity, Souvenir offers some killer footage from the true skaters favorite underdog team.

Foundation Skateboards – Souvenir

Click image to check out Foundation Skateboards – Souvenir Video

Clocking in at 15:58 minutes long, it’s hardly a quick clip, but well worth the watch. The video features the Foundation Skateboards team. Nick Merlino, Corey Glick, Cotie Robinson, Dakota Servold, Cole Wilson, Corey Duffel, Ryan Spencer, Aidan Campbell, Dylan Witkin & Joey Ragali
Digging the circle F? check out Corey Duffels ‘Not alone’ part here and more goodies right here

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