Monday, February 23, 2015

Nice one Perdo!

I just wanted to share a feel good story after seeing a photo on Facebook a friend shared after Bowl A Rama down on Bondi Beach last Saturday.

It was a small gesture from Pedro Barros that really made the day of a young Sydney skateboard enthusiast, Tomas. Tomas loves skateboarding, despite his disability and lacking the motor skills to skate, he plays skate 3 on his xbox almost daily. He also has a special modified wheel chair with a wider front wheel so his Dad can push him around on ramps!

Tomas was born ten weeks premature. At five days old Tomas developed Meningitis which effected his physical development. Tomas was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of 6 months. It was said that Tomas would not walk, Nine years after this diagnosis Tomas proves them all wrong and took a few steps.

A giant novelty cheque! Not sure if you can actually cash it for the 9 grand? But it is something Tomas will treasure forever, and a small act of kindness from Pedro that has put a smile on the face of not only Tomas, but everyone who saw that photo.
A big thanks to Tomas' Dad for letting me share the story and the photo's, I hope it puts a smile on your face today and a little bit of Pedro's kindness rubs off.

TSG HELMETS - All new 2015 Models have just arrived!

All new TSG 2015 helmets have just landed in Oz.

Even better news is we got it all put away nice and dry before Hurricane Marcia hit and 
wreaked havoc in Queensland.

I will be featuring the new 2015 colours and designs from the range each week as well as giving you the latest stock info on all our best selling designs.

To kick things off we'll keep it super simple, here is the new

BOWL A RAMA BONDI - 2015 Official Results

Vans BOWL-A-RAMA Bondi 2015 went out with an absolute bang on
Saturday 21st February 2015
 as crowds went wild to mark another day of exhilarating bowl shredding. 

Thousands eagerly gathered in celebration of the 11th annual event to watch the world’s best skateboarders compete for an enormous prize purse of AUD $81,500.

Vans BOWL-A-RAMA Bondi 2015 Results

1       Bucky Lasek                42     USA  $16000.00
2       Pedro Barros               19     BRA  $9000.00     
3       Alex Sorgente              17     USA  $5000.00     
4       Cory Juneau                15     USA  $3000.00     
5       Rune Glifberg               40     DEN  $2300.00     
6       Joshua Rodriguez        23     USA  $2000.00     
7       Vi Kakinho                   17      BRA  $1700.00     
8       Chris Russell               18      USA  $1600.00     
9       Murilo Peres                18     BRA  $1500.00     
10     Tom Schaar                 15     USA  $1400.00     
11     Nilo Pecanha               27     BRA  $1300.00     
12     Felipe Foguinho          20     BRA  $1300.00     
13     Mike Owen                  31     USA  $1300.00     
14     Sam Beckett                22     GBR $1200.00     
15     Otavio Neto                 35     BRA  $1200.00     
1       Tony Hawk                   46     USA  $5,800       
2       Chris Miller                   47     USA  $3,000       
3       Steve Caballero            50     USA  $2,000       
4       Bruno Passos               40     BRA  $1,800       
5       Nicky Guerrero             47     DEN  $1,500       
6       Kevin Staab                  48     USA  $1,400       
7       Eddie Elguera               52     USA  $1,300       
8       Sean Goff                     49     GBR $1,200       
9       Pat Ngoho                    51     USA  $1,100       
10     Lester Kasai                 48     USA  $1,000       
11     Brian Patch                   42     USA  $1,000       
12     Adam Luxford               43     AUS  $1,000       
13     Steve Alba                    52     USA  $1,000       
14     John Grey                     51     AUS  $1,000       
15     Chris Patton                  40     USA    

Official Results courtesy of:


DEKLINE FOOTWEAR - JAWS: Criddler on the Roof

Rooftops... Good for keeping the weather out, not really designed for skateboarding.

Just don't tell Aaron "Jaws" Homoki that. Here is his bone crunching part 

Don't forget to check out his part in 


And if that doesn't make you feel like throwing yourself off a roof, I don't know what will, you'll have to grab some of these though.

What could possibly go wrong?

BERN HELMETS - New 2015 Models & Bern x Wu Tang Clan Limited Edition Model.

The latest shipment of BERN HELMETS are here and have had a great reaction.

All the best selling colours BLACK, WHITE, GREY are back in stock, along with new 2015 colours!


The long awaited WU TANG X BERN MACON is here, 
custom built to ASNZ 2063:2008 for the Australian market!

This limited edition model is available until stocks run out, we have only a small batch available so don’t miss out!

NOTE: The BERN MACON X WU TANG MODEL also features a new "Dial Fit" mechanism for a better fit (not pictured). This model is also ASNZ 2063 : 2008 and suitable for on road bicycle riding.

TOY MACHINE SOCKS - New stock & Youth Sizes!

A few of you have quizzed me about when the next drop of TOY MACHINE SOCKS arrive!

Well they are here, we will be shipping them to your favorite sock stockist this week.

We have added a small run of  
Normal socks are sized 7 - 11, youth ones are around size 3 – 7.

As you know the cut of TOY MACHINE SOCKS does not really have much of a pronounced heel, so bigger sizes are suitable for smaller loyal pawns.

Anyhoo… these things never stay in stock for very long, particularly the 
bow to your benevolent overlord and hit up your local shop today in so you don’t miss out.

Don't forget to check out and tag your sock photos #toymachinesockteam

Australian Open Of Surfing - Beach Bowl 2015 Official Results

A huge bowl on Manly Beach? Who would have thunk it! But it was back for 2015 with some of Australia's & the worlds best fighting it out with the perfect backdrop. Here are the results of the finals on 15th February 2015:

Australian Open of Surfing - Beach Bowl 2015 Results
Pro Final results           

1       Jonathan Schwan        USA  $7,000
2       Alex Sorgente              USA  $3,500
3       Pedro Barros                BRA  $3,000
4       Sam Beckett                 GBR  $2,500
5       Joshua Rodriguez        USA  $2,250
6       Kalani David                  USA  $2,000
7       Tom Schaar                  USA  $1,750
8       Ivan Federico                ITA    $1,500
9       Kevin Kowalski            USA  $1,200
10     Rune Glifberg               DEN   $1,000
11     Trey Wood                   USA  $900
12     Keegan Palmer             AUS  $900
13     Felipe Foguinho            BRA  $800
14     Renton Millar                 AUS  $800
15     Trevor Ward                 AUS  $700
Masters Finals results           

1       Bruno Passos               BRA  $2,500
2       Sean Goff                    GBR  $2,000
3       Pat Ngoho                     USA  $1,500
4       Brian Patch                   USA  $1,400
5       Lester Kasai                 USA  $1,300
6       Adam Luxford              AUS  $1,200
7       John Gray                    AUS  $1,100
8       Chris Patton                  USA  $1,000
9       Luke Jones                   AUS  $1,000
10     Simon Reynolds           AUS  $1,000
11     Adrian Jones                AUS  $200
12     John Bogaerts              AUS  $200
13     Mike Rogers                   USA     $200

Official Results courtesy of:

TOY MACHINE SKATEBOARDS - Jeremy Leabres joins the pro ranks!

Last year Jeremy Leabres turned heads with his amazing debut clip on Thrasher Magazine for 
Toy Machine, you benevolent overloard!

Toy Machine's "The Re-education of Jeremy Leabres" 

Just to let you know this young man means business it was followed up in January 2015 with over 7 minutes of raw footage (and no music) in

Deprocessing: Jeremy Leabres Re-Education 

 Jeremy's new pro board arrives very soon 

(a nice nod to the classic Santa Cruz Slasher graphic) 

watch this space and hit up your local shop.


ABC - Australian Bowl-riding Championships 2015 - Official Results

The Australian Bowl-riding Championships 2015 celebrated its fourth year of bowlshredding, at the Bar Beach Empire Skatepark.

ABC 2015 Results

Pro Bowl
1      Alex Sorgente         $3300.00
2      Tom Schaar            $2200.00
3      Cory  Juneau          $1100.00
4      Ivan Federico          $700.00
5      RJ Barbaro              $600.00
6      Trey Wood              $500.00
7      Joshua Rodriguez   $400.00
8      George Richards     $300.00
9      Felipe Foguinho       $200.00
10    Kevin Kowalski        $150.00
11    Nilo Pecanha           $150.00
12    Jakob Robinson      $100.00
13    Renton Millar          $100.00
14    Ben Hatchell           $100.00
15    Murilo Peres           $100.00
 Masters Bowl
1      Bruno Passos      $1700.00
2      Brian Patch          $1000.00
3      Pat Ngoho           $600.00
4      Sean Goff           $500.00
5      Luke Jones         $400.00
6      Chris Patton        $300.00
7      Luke Foster        $200.00
8      John Grey           $100.00
9      Adrian Jones       $100.00
10    John Bogaerts     $100.00
 Girls Bowl
1      Poppy Olsen   
2      Sari Simpson   
3      Tanille Licari   
4      Izy Mutu   
5     Jase Perry   

18 and under
1      Keegan Palmer   
2      Luke Russell   
3      Jedd  McKenzie   
4      Dylan Donnini   
5      Daniel Hallett   
6      Ryan Helm   
7      Noah Fuzi   
8      Noah Regan   
9      Zane Hedley   
10    Jackson Bogaerts     

Official Results courtesy of: