Monday, July 3, 2017

TOY MACHINE : BS with TG : Ed Templeton

No doubt, street skating would be here with us today regardless, but it certainly would have been a little different without these two cats.  
Tommy Guerrero opened eyes to what could be done on the streets in the 1980's through some of the first street skating film that skaters from that era ever saw. 
Ed Templeton was key to the generational tear down ushering in a new new style of street skating in the early 1990's. 
Here these two talk on skateboarding companies, art, photography and a bit of day to day BS well worth a listen. 3 parts, links below. Enjoy
BS with TG : Ed Templeton Part 1 
BS with TG : Ed Templeton Part 2 
BS with TG : Ed Templeton Part 3

Thursday, June 22, 2017

HELP! Ryde Needs a New Skate Park & You Can Make it Happen!

For the last little while I have been a member on the Ryde Skatepark Working Party, and councilors, council employees and volunteers have been working pretty hard for this. In fact this push has been going for almost 30 years now.

We are pretty close to getting this approved and built with one more council meeting where the Councillors will vote next Tuesday 27th June 2017 at the Ryde Council Chambers located above Ryde library in the Top Ryde Shopping Center.

If you are a shop owner, skateboarder, lifestyle enthusiast or BMX rider we would love for you to come and speak at the meeting, or just show up and help build the supporting numbers. 

If you can’t make it on the night, you can still help us, see below.

Please share this on social media, FB link below and .jpeg image attached and copy/paste below:


On Tuesday June 27th at 7pm, Ryde council will be voting on moving forward with the proposal for a skatepark located in Meadowbank park. We need as many people who can to come down to the council chambers and show their support for this facility! Invite your friends, invite your folks, tell Ryde council that the City of Ryde needs a modern skate park and family recreation facility!

Thank you so much for your support, let’s make this happen!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

New PIG WHEELS - PRO 'VICE' SERIES Skateboard Wheels

Oink Oink - Just a heads up, Pig Wheels have just released a full series of 12 brand new pro wheels - The VICE series! 

That's right there are now more than 12 killer pro's rocking the swine!
We have been feeling the love with PIG WHEELS and the new Vice series wheels are selling well, we are thinning out on a few models so hook in before they sell out.
We have also restocked our best selling PIG HEAD NATURAL WHEELS, these things were originally released well over 20 years ago and have become one of the most reliable 'go to' wheels in the industry. We also have some new coloured & swirl variations to brighten your day!
 If you are looking for a classic urethane feel opposed to the chalky hash ride some of the other wheel brands offer, grab a fresh set of Pig Wheels and feel the difference. No lies, no false claims, no imaginary performing formulas - just good hard wearing, abrasion resistant good ol' fun wheels.

Want to see them put through their paces? Click the Thrasher logo below and check out the Pig Pro Team in our 2016 video release 'Extra Crispy'
 Check out the full Pig Wheels Team here:



Here's an offer you can't refuse, to make way for new models we are clearing all our  

It's a fantastic helmet but has been overlooked for our more popular ALLSTON model (same shell with flip baseball style visor), so out it goes at a bargain price!

The MORRISON HELMET is normally $169.95 RRP but you can grab them for AROUND $100 from your local bike shop. 

All colours in full size range are available while stocks last!

Scroll down to check out some of the other great helmets & accessories available from Bern in Australia.

TUM YETO COMPLETE SKATEBOARDS - Toy Machine & Foundation 2017 Models

Here we go with another round of top end completes from Tum Yeto featuring classic designs updated for the 2017 range.

7 great designs are hear from Foundation including the Big Bird and Adventurer with new artwork by the Tum Yeto head honcho himself Mr Tod Swank.
Toy Machine are powering into 2017 with 8 new full size designs, a mini (Monster only, our Mini Fists completes sold out straight away) and 2 new soft wheeled cruiser completes.

All Tum Yeto completes come professionally fitted with Ruckus Trucks, Pig bearings, Team proven high rebound urethane wheels and pro quality grip-tape & mounting hardware.

Available from all good skate shops, need to find one? Shoot us a message and we'll put you in touch with your local.

BERN HELMETS - New Kids Helmets for Boys & Girls - Ollie & Nollie

New Bern Kids lids have just landed in Australia!


Sizing: Juniors - Extra Small 49 - 51.5cm & Small 51.5 - 54cm

The boys OLLIE is available in Matte Black & Matte Cyan. The girls nollie is avialable in Hot Pink, Bright Purple and if your little one is wild and untamed - Gloss Purple Leopard Skin!

So, How do they fit?

Bern is renowned for it's comfortable low style 'sink fit'. The liner is EPS hard foam with comfort pads fitted. They feature a perfectly positioned 3 point retention strap and snap buckle. the construction is a poly-carbonate skinned inmold design producing a very lightweight helmet.

I'm always asked "What size helmet do I need for my 3 year old?". My answer is "it depends on what size your kids head is'. Some kids have big old meat heads and others are pin heads. 

As a general rule of thumb, before buying a helmet measure the circumference of your child's head with a soft tape measure, just above the eyebrow line. This will indicate which size to get. As with all safety gear, the best bet is to go to a good skate or bike shop and try it on to ensure the absolute best fit. 

Looking for a retail store near you? Shoot me an email and we'll recommend a few retailers.

What are the certification's on these Helmets?

Bern Ollie & Nollie helmets are CPSC & CE certified EPS inmold helemts. They are currently not ASNZ 2063 approved, meaning they should only be used as off-road skate & cycling helmets. These helmets are not approved for on road cycling applications in Australia. 

In other words, be a responsible parent and don't let your 3 or 4 year old go riding in the motorised traffic on the road.