Friday, June 28, 2013

DEATHBOX SKATEBOARDS... Hackett is back!


Dave Hackett is one of a handful of old dudes who established his skate career in the 1970's still ripping it up!

Producing rock solid quality gear built to shred… and last!

We're kicking off the new release with these 3 timeless classics just about to hit Oz.

A big ol' 8.5" double kick with a 15" wheel base, a nice pool shape and a stretch plank.

Hackett is back on board with TRACKER TRUCKS joining Z Boy legend JAY ADAMS, and we have the perfect kit to set these decks up.

If you have a clue about who these guys are, you may want to finish your ride off with some of these legendary PIG RAILS... yep, the ones that got Grosso his 28 blocks!

Want some? Hit up your local store or contact Goliath Distribution or myself

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


You have the head protection side of the biz covered with TSG HELMETS.

But what about basic protective gear?

TSG offers a solid selection of basic KNEE, ELBOW & WRIST PROTECTION:

All top notch quality for entry level and basic all round protection at great prices. 

Make sure you back up your protective story with a selection of the above gear so anyone that walks in the door can get the protection they need.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Let's take it back... NEW 80'S REISSUE DECKS DUE NEXT WEEK

Ever feel like ripping the handle off a scooter and tearing up the streets?
That's exactly what Michael J Fox did in BACK TO THE FUTURE… 

and inspired a whole new generation of skateboarders in the 1980's!

We first bought these in way back in 2003 to celebrate VISION SKATEBOARDS 25TH Anniversary… in 2013 they are still one of our best selling products!

Here is our latest offering from VISION, SCHMITT STIX & SIMS

Stock is arriving next week and we have already reserved a bunch for shops in the loop…
Order today to secure your favourite models & colours.