Monday, October 26, 2015



I'm often asked by customers & retailers what the differance is between approved and non approved helmet as well as the difference between hard foam & soft foam helmets and whether there is a huge amount of differerance in their construction and the amount of protection they provide.

In short, sometimes it just comes down to whether or not a helmet has been tested and approved. 

In Australia, some helmets are available that are approved in North America and Europe are not approved in Australia, due to the expense of testing and approval in what is a small market. This does not mean they are any lesser helmet that approved models, and in some cases, they may even be better. But from a legal perspective, they can only be sold as an off road or park use helmet.

It really comes down to where and how you will be using the helmet, and selecting the right one for your specific purpose. As general rule, soft foam is OK for low speed small falls and impacts, hard foam will offer superior protection for higher speeds and falls from larger height and on hard surfaces. 

If you are riding on the road ALWAYS wear a AS/NZS 2063:2008 approved helmet.

Our THIN SHELL & ZIP MOLD models are available in AS/NZS 2063:2008, which are approved for use as a road cycling helmet. If you are a bike shop, selling helmets to go with bicycles or you are selling scooters or other 'recreational vehicles' which will be ridden on the street, this is what you should be selling and recommending to your customers. Both variants use stiff EPS foam designed to handle the more violent impacts you may encounter on the street, such as a collision with a motor vehicle or high speed fall.

Our HARD HAT CONSTRUCTION (not allowed to be sold as a 'helmet' in the USA, due to the legal definition, hence the name HARD HAT) features BROCK FOAM, this is a really cool moisture wicking material superior to what you will find in 'soft foam' or '2 stage foam' of other brands of helmets on the market. It had a tough ABS shell, the same as our THIN SHELL EPS models. This helmet is designed for multiple lower force impacts, such as taking small lower speed multiple falls on a mini ramp or small skate park. If you are going to ride vert or larger concrete parks, you really should be looking at something with the higher impact protection offered by EPS or 'hard foam' models.

There is no helmet in the world that can eliminate the possibility of a bad head injury when you fall or collide with something. But you can reduce the risk of receiving a severe or permanent injury by the selecting the right helmet for the conditions you will be using it in. 

I hope this helps, if in doubt please contact me for further information or consult a reputable retailer when making a helmet purchase.

Monday, October 12, 2015

THE - INDUSTRIES - Bike Stands & Proxy Race Plates - Now available in Australia!

These are finally back in stock and available through any good Australian Bike Store worth their salt!

THE - Industries Bike Stand

Back after popular demand the THE - Industries Bike Stand is here for you. Born and bred on the BMX tracks of Southern California, this stand is ideal for bikes with 24" wheels and lower, but with the adjustable clamp area It'll even keep up a 27.5 (650B) Mountain bike with 2.4" tires! This ABS plastic stand will not only help you keep your bike upright and out of the way in your garage, but give you a factory look at the races or in the pits. The stand can also help out as a 3rd hand, when you need to work on your bike. THE - Industries also gives you an area to customise the stand with your race numbers or sponsorship stickers. Easy to assemble, tough as nails, and interlocking bases make this the perfect product if you've got multiple bikes to display.
  • Easy To assemble
  • ABS Plastic
  • Interlocking Bases for multiple bikes
  • Fully customisable
  • Designed to fit all types of bikes
  • RRP AUD $79.99 

THE - Industries Proxy Number Plate

THE - Industries has always been known for a Handful great products. Our number plates are no exception. Same quality you remember from THE, with a new design and price point. Available in 4 colours to match with your race livery.
  • Durable construction
  • Velcro attachment
  • Whiteboard safe
  • 4 Colours - Black, White, Red, Blue
  • RRP AUD $32.99
Contact us to find your closest bike store or arrange to get these sent to a store near you!