Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Dogtown 1988 Eric Dressen Pup Size Complete skateboard restoration

Back in 1988 CTP Distribution in Melbourne was bringing in some  decks and I special ordered this Dogtown Skateboards Eric Dressen Pup size street deck. I swear I rang them a couple of times a week for months asking if it had arrived. 


When it did finally make it's way to Sydney it was one of the most fun street sized decks I rode around that period. This may be the first board I was ever able to ollie over a mik crate on from memory.

I restored it with a tail rebuild and fresh grip job same as I had it back in 1988 using as many of the original or period correct parts I could find including my 159 Indys, 92A Blockhead Wild Things wheels, KYK bearings, Powell rails and a Cellblock rear riser. 

Although hidden under a plethora of stickers, I always loved this graphic design by Wes Humpston / Bulldog art. I especially love the staffie overlooking the wings and cross.

Thanks to Al at Boarders Skate in Brookvale for the blue grip!

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