Monday, July 25, 2022

Ace Trucks : Classic or AF1? 🏁


Ace has been nudging it's way to becoming one of the best selling trucks on the market over the past few months. Shops that had never stocked Ace before are on board and re-ordering regularly. And why not? Ace offers amazing geometry, performance & high quality in all sizes with a bunch of options for all budgets and skaters.

Ace Trucks are also the only trucks on the market designed to be ridden loose straight off the shelf. Like em' a little tighter? Loose trucks save lives, but no judgement here. We have all new aftermarket Ace 94A Hard Bushings in stock now if you want to crank em' up a little.

When it comes to Ace Trucks, should buy
CLASSICS or AF1? The answer is most shops are still stocking both models so here is a quick breakdown.

ACE CLASSIC TRUCKS: We stock the latest updated version of the Ace Classic Truck. The hanger is slightly fuller for more strength and less chance of bending axles. These things will hold together till they are ground right down to the axles and are the go to for many long time Ace gang members. Tried and true, with our beloved geometry and industry-first features such as oversized axles and beveled hanger ends. Made using industry standard 7071 alloy and 3056 steel axles, you can trust Ace Classics to perform in the clutch. 

The CLASSIC is the entry level Ace Truck with Raw Silver at  AUD $89.99 and Colours at $99.99 RRP

ACE AF1 TRUCKS : The all-new ACE AF1 features game-changing performance without deviating from our original Ace geometry. The AF1 is carefully manufactured using our proprietary casting process. Years in development, the ACE AF1 has a 70% increase in the aluminum’s structural integrity, making it the strongest cast truck on the market. Other updates for the AF1 include:

• Manufactured with high-quality AA 356.2 alloy
• True T6 heat-treated base-plates and hangers
• SAE 4140 steel alloy axles, oversized to eliminate bearing wobble.
• Patent pending re-threading axle nuts - no more damaged axle ends!
• Free extra RED re-threading die to use in any skate tool.
• Durable Hand-poured 96a urethane pivot bushings for better response.
• Refined suspension for a cleaner turn.
• New Formula: Top Bushing: 12mm tall | 91a hardness
• New Formula: Bottom Bushing: Bottom 14mm tall | 86a hardness
• Machine-faced hanger ends for precise bearing contact.

With the AF1 we updated the sizing on the 44 thru 77 models for a better fit across multiple board widths. Check out the size chart below. Since it's release in April 2021
Trinity Distribution in Australia has not had one single faulty or broken Ace AF1 truck sent back!

The AF1 is the premium Ace Truck offering with Polished Silver at AUD $124.99 and Colours at $129.99 RRP

All ACE TRUCKS are in stock and ready to ship in all sizes & colours. We have Classics, Classic Lows AF1's, AF1 Lows & new 8.75" axle 6.0 models ready to send straight out to you. No pre-books, no mucking around... just the best trucks on the market in any quantity you need.

Check out the Ace Trucks size chart below to get the exact size you need.


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