Tuesday, June 19, 2018

POCKET PISTOLS - New 2018 Decks

It's been a while between drinks but it looks like another round of Pocket Pistols decks is headed to Oz. Still screen printed by Screaming Squeegees the decks have switched from being pressed by Madrid and PS Stix to Prime Wood in Huntington Beach.

These are top quality decks made with master-crafted traditional techniques.

The 2018 pocket Pistols pro team consists of Pedro Barros, Lee Ralph, Ben Schroder, Jake Phelps, Josh Mattson, Hemina Reynolds & Ron Chatman. We have 2 decks with designs from Mark Gonzales the Chatman Bad Will and a never before released graphic collaboration with Jeremy Henderson.


Screamin Inc. was originally founded by Chicken Deck, and Kelly Bellmar in 1988 as Screaming Squeegees, Inc. In 2006 Kelly left to pursue his wood-shop and skate co. Factory Mfg., and Chicken restructured Screaming Squeegees as Screamin Inc. We have printed decks for just about every company at one time or another. Screamin Inc. specializes in skateboard screen printing and is world renown for having the highest quality printing in the biz!

Screamin Inc Screen Prints by Hand in the U.S.A. Most all other companies use the HEAT Transfer Process to apply their graphics. In order to apply a HEAT Transfer Your Skateboard is run between two rollers under immense hydraulic pressure. One of the rollers is Heated to 300 Degrees Fahrenheit! Your board is subject to this Tortures process three to four times in order to get the transfer to stick.Basically it’s like throwing your New Skateboard in the Oven at 300 Degrees Fahrenheit, and then running it over with your Car three times! Your Skateboard is Beat Down before you ever snap your first Ollie!


By 1964 the company had began curving plywood for some of its furniture projects. The presses the Tuccinardi family hand built for this process would eventually produce some of the earliest “kick tail” skateboards. With the new presses in place, Prime began pressing wood for early skateboard brands like Madrid and Z Products (Z Boys). The first skateboards were pressed by Prime Wood in 1968, making Prime one of the earliest mass producers of skateboards.

By 1988, Professional skateboarders Steve Rocco and Rodney Mullen felt the industry shifting, and left Sims and Powell respectively to found World Industries. The two walked through the Prime doors shortly after, and worked closely with Phil Tuccinardi to perfect the modern day skateboard. To this day Phil speaks of the countless hours Rodney spent shaping and perfecting things at the Prime factory to make top notch, quality skateboards. It was during this time Prime began making skateboards for Prime Wood was founded in 1930 by a young, dedicated Italian-American business man named Ceasare Tuccinardi. Ceasare started out primarily handcrafting quality furniture, and was very successful in making custom breakfast nooks. Shortly after launching his business, Ceasare had his three boys Phil, Louie and Lorrie, and it wasn’t long before Prime became a family affair.

We at Prime firmly root ourselves in our love for skateboarding, and believe our dedication bleeds into every skateboard product produced at Prime Wood. We proudly produce a full range of products, including 100% handcrafted quality skateboards, proudly made by skateboarders right here in Los Angeles.

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