Thursday, May 11, 2017

New PIG WHEELS - PRO 'VICE' SERIES Skateboard Wheels

Oink Oink - Just a heads up, Pig Wheels have just released a full series of 12 brand new pro wheels - The VICE series! 

That's right there are now more than 12 killer pro's rocking the swine!
We have been feeling the love with PIG WHEELS and the new Vice series wheels are selling well, we are thinning out on a few models so hook in before they sell out.
We have also restocked our best selling PIG HEAD NATURAL WHEELS, these things were originally released well over 20 years ago and have become one of the most reliable 'go to' wheels in the industry. We also have some new coloured & swirl variations to brighten your day!
 If you are looking for a classic urethane feel opposed to the chalky hash ride some of the other wheel brands offer, grab a fresh set of Pig Wheels and feel the difference. No lies, no false claims, no imaginary performing formulas - just good hard wearing, abrasion resistant good ol' fun wheels.

Want to see them put through their paces? Click the Thrasher logo below and check out the Pig Pro Team in our 2016 video release 'Extra Crispy'
 Check out the full Pig Wheels Team here:



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