Thursday, May 11, 2017

BERN HELMETS - New Kids Helmets for Boys & Girls - Ollie & Nollie

New Bern Kids lids have just landed in Australia!


Sizing: Juniors - Extra Small 49 - 51.5cm & Small 51.5 - 54cm

The boys OLLIE is available in Matte Black & Matte Cyan. The girls nollie is avialable in Hot Pink, Bright Purple and if your little one is wild and untamed - Gloss Purple Leopard Skin!

So, How do they fit?

Bern is renowned for it's comfortable low style 'sink fit'. The liner is EPS hard foam with comfort pads fitted. They feature a perfectly positioned 3 point retention strap and snap buckle. the construction is a poly-carbonate skinned inmold design producing a very lightweight helmet.

I'm always asked "What size helmet do I need for my 3 year old?". My answer is "it depends on what size your kids head is'. Some kids have big old meat heads and others are pin heads. 

As a general rule of thumb, before buying a helmet measure the circumference of your child's head with a soft tape measure, just above the eyebrow line. This will indicate which size to get. As with all safety gear, the best bet is to go to a good skate or bike shop and try it on to ensure the absolute best fit. 

Looking for a retail store near you? Shoot me an email and we'll recommend a few retailers.

What are the certification's on these Helmets?

Bern Ollie & Nollie helmets are CPSC & CE certified EPS inmold helemts. They are currently not ASNZ 2063 approved, meaning they should only be used as off-road skate & cycling helmets. These helmets are not approved for on road cycling applications in Australia. 

In other words, be a responsible parent and don't let your 3 or 4 year old go riding in the motorised traffic on the road.

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