Sunday, March 29, 2015

FOUNDATION SUPER CO. - new decks for April 2015!

All new decks have just dropped in Oz from FOUNDATION SUPER CO.

The brand that kicked it all off for TUM YETO.

This truly is one of the very few brands that can claim to be skater owned and operated.

Here are my 3 favorite new decks available now with Swank art!

FOUNDATION SUPER CO. started in 1989 when TOD SWANK approached Steve Rocco wanting to ride for the newly formed World Industries company. Rocco told him to rack off and start his own brand, but he would help get it up and running and help distribute the brand to the masses. Not long after Tod went it alone and the company has grown and is now home to many of the brands we carry including:


The fictional pro skater JUSTIN LOVELY X SKULL SKATES deck is a replica of the
Tod Swank Pro Deck originally produced by Skull Skates in 1987.

The nice thing is, FOUNDATION has picked up a bit of momentum since late last year. Like Ed at Toy Machine, Tod has picked up the paintbrush (or maybe a black Sharpie) and gone deeper into producing graphics and giving Foundation back it's very own original vibe.

New for April 2014 Swank art pro decks for
Nick Merlino, Dakota Servold, Taylor Smith & Corey Duffel

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