Thursday, March 6, 2014


What's this? No it's not a promotion for the new Daft Punk single, it's the new
set for release in Australia in April 2014

The long awaited downhill helmet by TSG, in collaboration with three times World Champion Martin Siegrist, has finally been announced to hit the shelves in March or April of this year.
The extremely compact and aerodynamic design has been developed specifically with daredevil speed runs of asphalt surfers in mind and is optimally adapted to the anatomy of the head. The front part of the PASS Helmet is much shorter compared to other helmets. That not only looks better design-wise, but also makes for increased protection due to a larger chin guard.
The large window with single-handed-use visor makes for optimised peripheral vision, even in the tightest of steep turns. The spherical lens geometry supports distortion-free vision all the way to the periphery. The inside of the visor comes with anti-fog coating, and the outer side with anti-scratch treatment to protect the shield from light wear and tear.
The view window has a sealing so that the visor is completely sealed when closed, and no airflow comes in. Each helmet comes with two visors: mirrored tinted and clear, which can be used in various light conditions. Switching visors can be done easily and without tools.
Two small vent ports in the nose area allow air exchange. In addition, the exhalation-fogging blocker positioned around the nose ensures that exhaled air doesn’t flow upwards, fogging up the visor. The fogging blocker is made of soft foam and is supplied in two sizes for optimum adaptation to different facial geometries. Two more small openings at ear level improve the wearer’s perception of ambient noise.
The PASS helmet is available in four different sizes, thus covering head sizes with a circumference from 54 cm to 61 cm.
The TSG PASS helmet meets the requirements of the European EN 1078 standards for skate and bike helmets. In addition, it was tested on the American ASTM F1952 standard for Downhill Helmets. The visors have also been tested and meet the European safety requirements for personal eye protection (EN 174).

*TSG PASS is not ASNZ 2063:2008 and is not suitable as a road bicycle helmet. For closed road downhill skateboarding use only.

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