Sunday, October 20, 2013


October see's a whole swag of events sponsored by Goliath.

We're often asked to help out with events and try to pick the best grass roots ones to get behind with a little support.

On the weekend the 2013 National Capital Slalom Championships Canberra went down.

Check out some of the action here!

Next weekend we have 2 killer events coming up, one in Sydney & one in Melbourne if you are traveling south.

In Melbourne the next MOSS event is taking place. I went to the one up in Newcastle a few weeks back and it's always fun, a jam followed by a charity auction.

Goliath has donated some signed photos from legends like CHISTIAN HOSOI & DUANE PETERS. I missed out on this in Newcastle, but there is another FOUNDATION SWANK PUSH OLD SCHOOL DECK (see last post) signed by both
up for grabs. All proceeds from the auction go to:

These guys are doing some really good work for folks that don't have clean drinking water, something we all take for granted. Get down there if your in Melbourne and get something nice for the pool room and help out with some clean water in Swaziland.

Next cab off the rank in Sydney is the BoarderX Shakedown Series.
This is the first event of a series of 4. Centennial Park is the location on Saturday 26th October to kick things off, followed by events in Brisbane, Newcastle & Melbourne.

If you have seen Snowboard Boarder-cross... this is similar but on asphalt. Adam Luxford & Dave Robinson have designed and built a series of ramps and obstacles to hit after rolling in off the top of a shipping container! Entry is open to everyone and is FREE! Bring any board you like and have a crack.

If you want to keep up with all the other events Goliath is helping out with check out:

and click on the SKATE COMPS & EVENTS link.

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