Thursday, May 30, 2013


  The Master of Disaster

You can thank Duane Peters for skating the way you do. You can thank Duane Peters for defining skateboarding in the late 70’s and early 80’s, and setting it on its current course. He took the elegant freestyle of the 1970s and shoved it through a meat grinder. He took skateboarding “Off The Wall” and went balls-to-the-wall. He put the snarl in gnarl, the punk in rock, the f#%k in you. 

First to do the Death loop in 78, layback rollout, sweeper, Indy air, acid drop, invert revert, and much more. Duane Peters isn’t a relic – he didn’t invent the Indy Air and disappear, retire, or fade away. Pushing 50, DP has been charging as hard as ever, skating, touring, slamming, and getting right back up to do it again.

Isn't it about time YOU grabbed one of these planks and showed those young punks what it's all about!

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