Sunday, April 28, 2013


Please don't buy these decks if... You are easily offended!

So like me… for years you have sat up till 4:00am watching Le Tour De France. For all the hours you've put into it, these days you're feeling a little jilted, right?

Dope in cycling… who would have thunk it?

Then, like me you will probably grab a LIVE JUICED DECK to go straight to the pool room for a laugh.

WORLD INDUSTRIES… love em' or hate them, they are making an attempt to get back to their roots after a venture into the big box world.

And they are back with graphics as offensive as ever. Time will tell if they can redeem themselves… but these decks were way too funny to pass up.

We only grabbed a limited number of these, so if they do your black heart good… be quick. These are in stock now.

We also have a limited number of 1990's Re Issue decks arriving very soon. If you loved the shapes and don't want to thrash the original, these are for you!

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