Sunday, March 31, 2013


Here's a little story to help you out of a sticky situation.

It's funny, I was joking with one of my customers about doing a Goliath Update about stickers a week or two ago after they said all they had sold in the last couple of slow days was stickers, now I have some inspiration.

I shared this story on FB last week, it got a good response, so here it is.

"I was sitting in my office working on some flyers on the computer and could hear skateboarders schralping in the back lane.
I looked over the fence and there were a couple of young dudes after school trying their heart out to work out how to ollie up the gutter and grind the curbs.
It's a busy area so they had probably been kicked out of everywhere else.
Despite the noise (well, it's white noise to me and doesn't bother me, but the neighbors might think otherwise?) I let them go for a while then after about 20 minutes, I opened the back gate and approached them.
They had that 'here we go again' look like they were about to be given the boot.
All they did get for their trouble - was a handful of skate stickers each!
They looked confused, but kind of stoked."

What is it about skateboarders & these little pieces of sticky plastic, ink & paper.

I've still got a little stash of my favorites I picked up over the last 25 years. I even follow one of the worlds biggest collectors based in Milwaukee USA on FB and it always blows my mind when he posts pics of rare and sought after sticker.
I sent him some of my doubles with a request for a certain sticker I had 20 years ago and lost. He sent me back a T-Shirt and some stickers and a promise to let me know if he ever found that illusive sticker.
Check out if you are a sticker tragic like me, add him as a friend on FB for a sticker of the day.

Anyways, Goliath always has a great stockpile of stickers, we sell them in assorted packs of 10, 30 or 50 units as well as some Brand only ready made packs.
You can allocate which brands & designs you like or just get a random pack.
Whichever way you go, you'll have a cabinet full of key items that will move any time a young (or Old) skater is in store with a couple of bucks burning a hole in their pocket.

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