Sunday, March 31, 2013


What will it take for skateboarding to jump the shark this time around?

I love it when styles get blended, and skaters just get out there and enjoy skateboarding for what it really is.

Like when you go to the park and some old cat rocks up with an 80's boat and the kids think "how the hell can he ride that thing?"… Then proceeds to destroy the park with moves the kids have never seen.

Or the dude on a longboard decides to slap a curb or throw a flip or two into the repertoire. The purists hate it… but it's all just skateboarding.

Well that's what ELEPHANT BRAND SKATEBOARDS are all about, and the shops that have dared to be different and stock the brand are re-ordering more & more as this brand gains traction.

We have 5 new boards arriving this next week along with all models topped up for 2013!

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