Sunday, March 31, 2013

BERN HELMETS - ASA 2063:2008

I have been racing around with the new range of BERN HELMETS and have had a great reaction with a a lot of accounts jumping straight on.

The new range features the MENS MACON & LADIES BRIGHTON, both now available ASA 2063 : 2008 certified for on road cycle use, they have a super low "SINK FIT" which makes them great for skateboarding and all types of cycling.

If your not familiar with BERN HELMETS here are a few FAQ's.

Are BERN HELMETS from Switzerland?

No they are from Massachusetts USA.

Aren’t BERN Snowboard helmets?

No BERN is a safety gear company that makes gear for all action sports applications.

What is the difference between the MENS MACON & LADIES BRIGHTON helmets?

Essentially they are the same, the venting on the ladies helmets is a little curvier and the mens more angular.

Why should I stock BERN HELMETS?

We off a great range of solid colours and have a couple (Purple, Cyan, Cobolt, Flouro Yellow) that are not available from other manufacturers.
We offer an extensive size range from XS 52-54cm to XL 59-60.5cm (and YES, XXL & XXXL models will drop in 2013!)
The MACON & BRIGHTON can both be fitted with our cool Summer Comfort Baseball cap style peak.
All colours and sizes are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

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