Sunday, November 6, 2011


The ‘proper copies’ of FOUNDATION WTF DVD arrive later this week.

Remember the days when you could sell a skate video for 50 bucks? You should it wasn’t that long ago.

Things have changed and chances are that by the time you’d organised a premier some punk had uploaded the video to YT.

So we have to do things a little differently now.

FOUNDATION had a world wide premier of WTF just over a week ago on the THRASHER MAGAZINE website giving everyone the chance to check it out.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the link:

It all gets a bit rushed and we did get a handful of stores to do an instore premier and have had great feedback so far, killer vid any way you slice it.

If you’re like me and hate squinting at the puta screen and want to watch it proper… pre book your copies for shipping as soon as they arrive.

$9.95 RRP – and it’s packed with a bunch of bonus footage and extras.


Why on earth would I pay for something that I can watch for free on the interwebs, I hear you ask?

Well… if you check out the vid, you’ll see the F team risk life and limb to make it and deserve something, also it’s nicer to watch it on that new huge television you bought?

And for the run into Christmas a killer DVD at $9.95 RRP makes for a perfect stocking filler gift.


Still not convinced?

How about we give you a copy for FREE anytime you purchase any PRO OR TEAM FOUNDATION DECK before the end of the year?

Some killer new decks coming in this week and good stuff in stock. Now that is a good deal!

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