Tuesday, June 7, 2011


With so many trucks on the market these days, it can get a bit confusing when your customers come in for replacement parts or aftermarket upgrades.

And with so many price point Longboards and Cruisers hitting the streets customers are screaming for components to make their ride bearable.

This is where VENOM comes in. Race proven bushings and wheels to tune up almost any old set of trucks.

They look fairly plain, but there is a little more to them.

Here’s a little history…

“Venom started when Zak Maytum starting testing and pouring urethane in his own garage....

After strenuous testing and development, he came up with what he described as the “ultimate bushing formula”.

Soon after this he realized that the demand for Venom went far beyond the reach of his small garage.

Working with other companies and manufacturers, he realized he could take his bushing to mass production.

The bushing were a hit, shops couldn’t keep them on the shelf and venom has become a household name synonymous with amazing, kick ass bushings.”

Not sure which ones to run with? easy, here's a chart to help you out...

If that's not enough info, check out this clip on Skateboard Bushings 101 with tips on how to really fine tune your ride!


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