Thursday, May 19, 2011


How are PARIS trucks going for you? Stupid question, killing it as usual!

If you are looking to set up a serious carving cruiser that will turn on a dime, get your favorite old school deck and stick a set of 180’s on it with your favorite old school wheels!

Blurring the lines between longboarding and street skating is what this is all about.

Check out a short clip of Riviera teamrider Justin Reynolds to see what I mean...

Showing how versatile the trucks are cruising the streets and parks of California… a super fun set up for casual cruising and schralping!

Too hard… that’s easy, just grab one of these RIVIERA STAY FREE COMPLETES with awesome Ron Cameron graphics, it’s the same deck Justin is riding in the clip. This super fun carving and turning machine is in stock and ready to roll!

Don’t forget to grab some new DIVINE WHEELS & CUSHIONS, perfect for Paris! Risers and All longboard hardware now in stock too

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