Sunday, April 24, 2011


How many times have you heard parents say ‘I don’t care, just give me the cheapest one, they’ll lose it or grow out of it anyway’?

If you’ve worked in retail, you probably cop it all the time. When it comes to protecting a kid’s head, price goes out the window.

Consider the cost of fixing the damage if they were to have a bingle without a helmet on, a good helmet is a small price to pay.

Even better is when the helmet is specifically designed to fit kids, nothing worse than those ‘other helmet companies’ that just pack out one shell size with as much foam as necessary, leaving the poor kids with an ill fitting helmet that makes them look like a mushroom.

The KIDS TSG NIPPER helmet is the perfect solution. Check out this cool new PANDA design just in!
 Best kids helmet on the market hands down... don't mess with the panda!

  • Mini XXS size; 48-51cm
  • Super light in-molded Polycarbonate shell
  • In-mould construction
  • Polycarbonate outer shell shell
  • Lightweight EPS impact foam
  • Low fit for increased protection
  • Snug fit (anatomical shaped mold)
  • 12 Aerodynamic vents
  • Inside ventilation channels
  • 4 part Die-cut interior pads (2 size sets per helmet)
  • 3-point strap adjust
  • Snap chin buckle
  • EN1078 / CPSC certified
  • Materials: ABS, EPS, Polyester, Nylon
  • XXS/XS: 48-51cm

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