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Here is an interview I did with Tum Yeto Head Honcho and whip cracker Tod Swank about Pig Wheels last July, a great little insight and history lesson about one of the strongest brands in the industry today, enjoy!


AHA: Hi Tod. Pig wheels have been around forever and a day, when did it start and what was the original concept behind the brand?

TS: I think it was 1995 that we started it.
We had Foundation and Toy Machine going and I wanted to do a separate wheels brand rather than doing Foundation Wheels.
Mainly so we could have a diverse team outside of Tum Yeto riders without conflict.
And to make great wheels. We have used the same manufacturer/supplier for all these years.
They make great urethane. I had a dog named Pig that Josh Beagle’s Mom gave me. Hence the name.
Josh Beagle was the TM for many years.

AHA: Who was the original Pig team line up?

TS: I’m sorry but I have no idea. Let me look.
Jason Maxwell, Josh Beagle, Steve Berra, Matt Hensley all had pro wheels when started.
At some time people such as Jamie Thomas, Matt Mumford, Chris Pastras, Mike V and many others had wheels.

AHA: Who are you current Pro Rides for Pig wheels?

TS: This is the posse:
Corey Duffel, Nick Trapasso, Billy Marks, Johnny Layton, Matt Bennett, Josh Harmony, Louie Barletta, Don "Nuge" Nguyen

AHA: Any ‘up and coming’ young Pig riders we should keep an eye on at the moment?

TS: This is our current am line. Killers!
Jamie Tancowny, Jimmy Carlin, Marquis Preston, Nick Merlino, Abdias Rivera, Nestor Judkins, Elijah Berle, Dyson Ramones

AHA: Rumor has it Jeff Grosso was scouring skate shops in Sydney for Pig Rails last February during Bowl a Rama, is it true Pig is his official ‘Rail Sponsor’?

TS: Yes we proudly endorse Jeff Grosso for rails. We just sent him a fat package. We are thinking that rails are on the way back big time.

AHA: What are the biggest competitive challenges selling Pig Wheels in the current climate?

TS: There is a lot of product out there. We use the best urethanes and have pride in our quality.

AHA: Pig has one of the most diverse wheel ranges on the market, are you finding there is a big more demand today for different profiles and durometers?

TS: You know our natural Pig head wheels have been our consistent best selling wheels.
It’s a great urethane with shapes that compliment the majority of skaters out there.
We have always tried to have a line that offers a great variety of wheels.
Our newer core variety has been doing well. Street, park and cruiser cores.

AHA: What are your best selling Pig Wheels in the USA at the moment?

TS: The pro wheels are always good. The Pig Head naturals are our historical best sellers.
The Speed Lines have been doing great. Colored wheels kick ass and we have swirls that are awesome.
The Street Cruisers Core wheels are awesome. New Neon Abec-5 Bearings and the Pig Skate Tool have been killing it.

AHA: Finally, do you have any tips for Aussie retailers to help boost Pig Wheel sales in Australia?

TS: I think we need to make sure there is a good selection of the line in stores.
It’s no good to have a couple sets showing. Having a good display is important.
We need to work so that there is great POP available to our partners there too. Let’s do it Peter!

AHA: Thanks for your time Tod I know you’re a busy man, let’s do another interview soon.

TS: It was cool to see you when I was there AHA. Thanks for the cookies and thanks for the support!

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